Friday June 30, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Meet The Mercenaries


Brad:I guess we botched that up pretty merrily.
Schlock:At least we all made it back to the shuttle.
Brad:Poor Lieutenant Der Trihs, though. He lost an arm.
Schlock:He's insured. They'll regenerate it, right?
Brad:He's on the HMO plan. They will only spring for a "Best Efforts" prosthesis.
Schlock:Cybernetics? Cool! He might end up with a Grapple-Launcher, or a Hand-Cannon!
Der Trihs:This is your Best Effort?
Doctor:No. This is the HMO's Best Effort. I would have grafted you to the Ion-Spatula.
SFX:Whirrr (sound of electric whisk)