Sunday September 17, 2000

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Everybody's Gotta Eat


Robber:Don't nobody move!! Put your hands up!!!
Breya:Which do you want? Hands up, or nobody moving?
Robber:Don't nobody argue with me!
Schlock:(Whisper) Psst, you carrying?
Breya:I'm just asking how you would like me to put my hands up without moving.
Tagon:Locked and loaded. You?
Robber:You don't move a muscle and freeze like an icicle! And you raise your hands up high where I can see them!!
Breya:Of course. Silly me.
Schlock:Yeah. I think we're all armed.
Robber:Thassa good girl!
Tagon:On three...
Robber:Rest o' you follow her good girl example! Right now!
Tagon:One... Two....
Entire Crew:Three!!
Narrator:In the interests of making a long story short, let's simply say that the evening out included quite a bit of noise, some collateral damage, and a coroner. The restaurant owner picked up the dinner tab. Mister Schlock probably summed it up best...
Schlock:We've got to go out to eat more often.