Saturday September 30, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness


Kevyn:Ennesby, where did you get the MASER?
Ennesby:From you.
Kevyn:You stole it from my lab?
Ennesby:No, it's built in. You put it here.
Ennesby:You gave me field effectors and gravitic polarizers for mobility and manipulation. Combinatorial synthesis yielded some very, very ahh... militarily significant applications.
Kevyn:So... you focused background radiation with the polarizers...
Ennesby:Simple gravity lens.
Kevyn:Right-- Then you shaped and amplified the beam with the effectors... clever!
Tagon:Ahem. Ennesby, I believe I have yet to offer you the opportunity to enlist.
Ennesby:No, thank you. I like being a well armed civilian.