Sunday September 2, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Narrator: Aboard the sentient warship 'post-dated check loan' there is conflict among the command staff.
Breya: 'Superfluous?' Me?! Your admiral?! How did you arrive at that?!
Tagon: You promoted yourself to admiral when you bought the company. You have no claim to the title now. Petey reviewed our new charter with me. You sold the company to Schlock, and under our terms of buyback we become employee-owned, with me holding the majority shares.
Breya: Tagon, this is ridiculous. Does sergeant schlock become 'superfluous' when you've bought the company back from him?
Tagon: No. He's better armed than I am.
Narrator: Besides, if schlock stops being a mercenary, somebody will have to find a new name for the strip.
Breya: Oh, that tears it. It's that chauvinistic streak of yours, rearing its tiny, ugly head.You think that fitness for command is derived from being able to take somebody in a fight? The testosterone poisoning must be worse than I thought.
Breya: Maybe this'll cure it...
Narrator: Uh-oh...
Tagon: If this is how you pick your fights, you're definitely unfit for command. Get off my ship, 'admiral.'