Wednesday September 12, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
The South American city of Tokyo 3 was the victim of a combination of aggressive Japanese colonization of the third world, and a brief but significant series of twenty-seventh-century western-hemisphere revolutions in which a group of mathematicians and physicists suddenly found themselves wielding considerable power. Fully fourteen major cities were renamed in an effort to 'organize' things before the numerological and nomenclatural tyrants were deposed by a coalition of actors and comic strip artists.

The revolution that followed that one resulted in the total destruction of Port Dilbert and Gellar-Prinzeton.


Narrator: Magic Dream-land headquarters, Tokyo3. South America:
Fez Bejo: Sidney covers his bases, mikko. We can't use conventional law enforcement for this. He owns those people.
Mikko: Then what do we do? Roll over and let him push us around with his sidneyland undercover enforcer squads? They'll destroy the park the day we open!
Fez Bejo: We hire some muscle of our own. From outside the area. Muscle that sidney hasn't paid off yet.
Narrator: Later, aboard the mercenary superfortress 'post-dated check loan'...
Thurl: Sir, I think i've found some work for us.
Tagon: That contract is in sol system. We're banned there.
Thurl: Our ship is banned there. This is a ground-troop job, and it looks like a walk in the park.
Narrator: Yeah... A hot, noisy, crowded theme park. Flee while you can...