Tuesday September 18, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
Name That Cameo, PART II! Who are those four guys in the first panel? They look pretty shady, no? Well, they are the cast of Diabolica, and they've been sent to the park by their creator Burke for a little sunshine. Estoque doesn't like it, Errol looks terrified, and I think Herr Grossman is going to get a bit of a burn. But hey, Mungo is happy. (Of course, I think Mungo is ALWAYS happy...)

Diabolica is just one of the strips the very talented Burke is responsible for. Check out The Grimbles, which is a modern take on gothic weirdness... a little like The Addams Family, only funnier.

Oh, and before you get yourself in trouble, do NOT ask what Estoque has in that shopping bag. Trust me on this...


Random Kid: Mommy look! It's Whiney the Poo! It's Whiney the Poo!
Schlock: I haven't seen your Whiney the Poo friend, but if you give me our cotton candy you can stand next to me while your mom takes a picture.