Wednesday September 5, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Breya: Tagon gave me a decent severance package... The ship you christened Toenail One, with a freshly-wiped independent A.I., and a hold full of prisoners to interrogate, sell, or employ.I've got some ideas about transport brokerage, authentication, and security protocols. I think I can make the teraport profitable, and i'm hoping you want to come with me.
Kevyn: *sigh* you told me yourself that I need to invent something else.
Breya: C'mon, little brother. Think of the adventures we can have!
Kevyn: Breya, i'm a commander in a mercenary company. I'm not going to be having problems locating adventures.
Breya: But...
Kevyn: Or paychecks. Violence is a steady business.