Friday September 21, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
Name That Cameo, PART III! If you haven't yet been introduced to the four folk in line at Tacobufa, you haven't been reading Webcomics. From left to right, let me introduce you to Kevin Dewclaw (from Kevin and Kell), Torg and Bun-bun (from Sluggy Freelance), and Skull (from PvP Online).

Kevin and Kell is one of the oldest pure web-comics, having been online since 1995. It's purely anthropomorphic ('furry' to some of you), and is drawn by Bill Holbrook, who also does two syndicated strips for the papers. Bill has graciously allowed Kevin to come out to eat here, provided he does not get hurt in the violence that almost certainly will ensue. Not that there would be a problem. For a big herbivore, Kevin can take care of himself quite nicely.

Sluggy Freelance is also a long-standing strip, having been online since 1997. While we are on the subject of rabbits who can take care of themselves, Bun-bun (sitting on Torg's shoulder) pretty much epitomizes that. I'm not sure that having him and Kevin in the same restaurant is the best of ideas. Do rabbits suffer from alpha-male syndrome?

PvP Online is arguably the most successful web-comic out there right now, because Scott Kurtz (who enthusiastically sent Skull the Troll on a Chupaqueso run) has good business sense AND a very solid strip. Believe it or not, there are folks out there who can do Webcomics full time. You owe it to yourself to go see Scott's work. Actually, you owe it to yourself to check out all three of these giants of the Web-comic world.

Now go, before the shooting starts.


Schlock: Hey, there's a Partnership Collective attorney drove standing in line over at the Tacobufa.
Brad: It's bounty time! This one's mine!
Sign: Tacobufa!! "Food that blows"
Attorney Drone 1: We'll have a Chupaqueso platter with monsfritos and a big-chug. Mucho-size it.
Brad: Would you like a side order of BLAM with that?
Attorney Drone 1: Ummm. . . No thank you?
Narrator: I bet he gets some nice, hot blam without even ordering any.