Saturday September 22, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
Name That Cameo, PART IV! That's not just a generic Death escorting an attorney drone to the 'down' escalator. That's the Death from Down To Earth, by Gavin Chafin and Steve Wood. Death has made a Schlock Mercenary appearance before, spooking the Reverend... he sure gets around. And it's a good thing Steve and Gavin granted him permission to show up here: I'm frankly glad that he was on the scene to make sure that the attorney drone ended up in the right place.


Fez Bejo: Captain Tagon, there's been a shooting at the Tacobufa franchise over in concessions.
Tagon: I'll get a team on it right away.
Fez Bejo: Actually, your team is on the scene already. Doing the shooting.
Fez Bejo: Imagine my surprise when I learned that you are under contract by the government to destroy Partnership Collective attorney drones, including those that I've hired.
Tagon: Hey, a welcome surprise is like an extra day of Christmas!

Do you have any more attorney drones you'd like us to execute?

Fez Bejo: The guests are complaining about snake bits in their nachos!
Narrator: Mmmm. . . Christmas!