Monday September 10, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
For those of you wondering why Earth's orbital defense net would be useful against ground targets, here is a quick exercise in semantics: 'Orbital defense net' COULD mean "the defense net that sits in orbit." It could ALSO mean "The net that defends Earth's orbit from things on the ground." See how easy that was?

For more semantic fun, practice this with common terms like "Food and Drug Administration" or "Microsoft Office" (and then ask yourself who you want administering food and drugs to you, and who REALLY owns your business.)


Narrator: Meet Newt Sidney, Genius extraordinaire...
Sidney Secretary: Mister sidney, sir? I have Tom McSony on line three.
Narrator: At the tender age of twenty-four he took the holotainment world by storm with a talking mouse.
Newt Sidney: So, how did the acquisition go, tom?
Narrator: Then he built a theme park empire armed only with his wit and his dreams.
Newt Sidney: You're kidding me, right?
Narrator: A century later he maintains his near-monopoly by more tried and true methods.
Newt Sidney: Listen, tom... you tell those pantywaists at 'magic dream-land' that if they open that park next door to sidneyland, i'll shut them down, even if I have to commandeer the orbital defense net to do it.