Sunday September 9, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Narrator: The admiral has gone her own way, leaving a distraught crew in her wake...
Ch'vorthq: Hey, why the long face, sergeant?
Schlock: Breya's gone and it's my fault.
SFX: Whirrr...
Ch'vorthq: Well, if you want to drown your sorrows, i've got some ovalkwik right here with your name on it.
Schlock: She hates me, and she's never coming back. And I wanted to have children with her.
Ch'vorthq: Oh, Ouch. I'll hold the milk.
Der Trihs: And get me something strong enough that I can forget what I just overheard.
Tagon: Petey, I don't think I did the right thing.
Petey: CAptain, she was a parasite.
Tagon: She was not a parasite. She had some of the best business-sense i've ever seen, and the troops respected her. A lot.
Petey: More than they respect you? We're a one-ship company, captain. We don't need an admiral in our command chain.
Tagon: If we were part of a fleet, would you be required to swear allegiance to your captain, or to the fleet admiral?
Petey: The O'benn swore me first to the state, then to the fleet admiral, and finally to my captain. Why?
Tagon: Did you ever feel that the state, or the fleet admiral was a parasite?
Petey: Of course not.
Tagon: So if we'd sworn you to the company, instead of just to me, you'd have been inclined to keep Breya around in spite of her odd status on paper.
Petey: Hey, don't try to pin this on me. You are the one who threw her across the room.
Tagon: You've honed your ability to drop seamlessly into denial, Petey.
Petey: And your deft changing of subjects has improved, sir.