Sunday July 2, 2000

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Meet The Mercenaries


Shodan:As mercenaries, you'll need to be well-acquainted with principles and practices of unarmed combat.
Breya:Right. So that when weapon charges are spent we can make a heroic last stand?
Shodan:No. So that you can carry your own weight in spaceport tavern brawls.
Schlock:Can I show the class how I can slam two-liters of beer without puking?
Shodan:Most of the martial arts are based on redirecting your opponents attack. Breya, try and hit me. Use a punch or a kick. Whatever.
SFX:(Breya's foot against Shodan's chin) KAPOW.
SFX:(Shodan flying thru the air) WHOOOOSH
SFX:(Shodan against the floor) KATHUD
Shodan:Unngh. Wow. You obviously have prior training. A black belt, perhaps?
Breya:I have four brothers.
Shodan:Oh. Very well, then. Kevyn, you try it this time.
SFX:(Kevyn throws Shodan to the floor) THROOOOOOOOWHAMMMO
Shodan:Unnnngh. Wow. Owwwwch. ~~ You are, uhhh.....
Kevyn:I'm one of her brothers.
Breya:Nice work, Kevyn.
Schlock:Can I go next? I'm not related, but I could pretend to be.