Thursday July 27, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Schlock:Kevyn, the Creeth Ambassador smells wrong.
Kevyn:You can smell? Schlock, I didn't know you had a nose.
SFX:(Kevyn working on Ennesby) Tinker Tinker
Schlock:I smell with my mouth.
Kevyn:Don't you also eat, speak and excrete with same mouth?
Schlock:It's the only oriface I've got, Mister Multiple-Holes.
Kevyn:No offense, but knowing the nature of your sensory apparatus, I'm not sure I trust your sense of smell.
Schlock:I'm getting a little tired of my mouth being the butt of peoples jokes.
SFX:(Kevyn working on Ennesby) Tinker Tinker
Kevyn:You can't blame us if your mouth is a bu
Schlock:Don't say it.